Since I really have no base, I’m just going to work on building endurance.  I plan to continue my weekly spin session.  It is a killer workout and I think it can only help me in biking.  As it stands, in the hour or so of spinning (there is a warmup and cool down period that last about 15 minutes all together) I put enough distance on the bike to do the biking portion of a sprint triathlon.  I will try to balance this with some running where I can.  I’m also not too worried about the running portion of the sprint triathlon.  I think I will be ready to do a 5K.   My biggest concern is the swimming portion.

I can’t swim at all.  Not even a little bit.  I mean, I can float and I can make a little forward progress, but I have never swum in water that is deep enough to go over my head.  This will be my biggest challenge, and I plan to dedicate most of my time to learning how to swim and then building endurance.  So to sum up:

Biking: I will continue my weekly spin class

Running: I will fit it in when I can

Swimming: I will give it my total focus until I become proficient.