Just received the schedule for the triathlon training club at the YMCA so the first bunch of events are at the Y.


2/13 Canceled Cupid Run and Added O’Hartford 5K

Event Event Type Date Distance
YMCA Plainville Training 1/24/10 1/4 Mile Swim | 9 Mile Bike | 2 Mile Run
Cupid’s Run | West Hartford, CT (Event Canceled) 5K 2/13/10 5K Run
O’Hartford 5K | Hartford, CT 5K 3/14/10 5K Run
YMCA Plainville Training 2/28/10 550 Yard Swim | 10 Mile Bike | 2.25 Mile Run
YMCA Plainville Training 3/28/10 650 Yard Swim | 11 Mile Bike | 2.5 Mile Run
YMCA Plainville Training 4/25/10 750 Yard Swim | 12 Mile Bike | 2.75 Mile Run
YMCA Plainville Training 5/23/10 1/2 Mile Swim | 13 Mile Bike | 5K Run
Lake Waramaug Triathlon (planned) Sprint Triathlon 6/18/10 1/2 Mile Swim | 12.5 Mile Bike | 3.1 Mile Run
Rock N’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon (planned) 1/2 Marathon 9/5/10 13.1 Miles
Hartford Half Marathon Half Marathon 10/9/10 13.1 Miles
Hartford Marathon (planned) Full Marathon 10/10/10 26.2 Miles

I’ll update as the season goes on. (Planned) Indicates events I would like to do but have not registered for at this point.

Update: I have registered for the Hartford Half Marathon and Reality called and reminded me to cancel the glory that is the Hartford Full Marathon and the Half in Virginia Beach.  A good plan because, as Reality clearly explained on the phone, I haven’t run more than the 50 yards required to catch the closing doors of elevator in years, and even then most days I say, buh, I’ll get the next one.  You didn’t have to be so flippant Reality, give me a break.

Update 2 (4/22/2010): I missed the March YMCA Triathlon because I was away in training.  I am also going to bow out of the April one because I injured my knee.  The doctor says I need to take a full week off from running.  Bummer.