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Photography on the road

I really love photography.  Unfortunately it is usually hard to find time to just go out and snap some pics.  I’m thinking that if I am going to be bike riding, why not bring my camera and snap some pics?!

I have a digital SLR, the Canon Digital Rebel.  I really love the camera, and even though it isn’t hugely expensive, I really don’t want to break it.  In addition, the lenses can get pretty expensive to replace.  So a safe and secure means for carrying the camera will be critical.  I did some searching today and found this article on carrying your camera for a ride.   I like how it seems to fit, I’ll have to give it a try.

Spin training

I have been spinning now for a few weeks.  I was doing it for fitness before planning to do a triathlon.  Now there is an even bigger reason to keep up the spinning.  I have to say, I really enjoy the spin class.  It has pushed me to the limit more than any workout I have ever done.  When I train on my own I typically give up when I get tired.  Spinning in a class with all these other people, the loud music, and the great spin instructors, I feel like I can’t quit, so I press right through it.   Lots of hard work, but lots of fun.  Ultimately if I get to the point where I do an Ironman triathlon this spinning stuff will be easy in comparison.

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