A little update on progress. My foot is still bothering me, not as bad but it’s still there. The doctor says it is a tailer’s bunion irritated by my work shoes because they were too tight, go figure.

I’m skeptical as I have new shoes and it hasn’t improved markedly. I have done some running (the foot isn’t an issue there). I ran a decent amount with a friend as I was helping her train for a race. I put in a fair number of easy miles and thought that maybe a marathon was in the list for this year. Time was tight for building up the volume but I was game.

My wife has been biking a lot this year building up to a century ride so we decided to relay with someone to do the litchfield hills olympic triathlon. Everything was coming together. After a few weeks of easy running I added a long run (about 8 miles) at a very easy pace. I had done 6 already so this wasn’t a huge jump.

It was however in my relatively hilly neighborhood. After the run my Achilles was bothering my. It was pretty rough. Same side as my foot issue. I took a week off and tried an interval run, bad mistake. I didn’t realize that would be an issue until I did some research afterwards.

I did some more resting icing etc and did the 10k for the relay team. Definitely felt it while running but was much better by the next day. I’m thinking full marathon is out for this year, but maybe a half along with a century ride.

Lets see how that goes.