I am an average guy who has focused on academics instead of athletics throughout my life.  Although I’m not really overweight, I’m not in great shape either.  In 2009 my wife and I decided to train for triathlons.  We had our work cut out for us.  Neither of us knew how to swim at all, and neither of us has ever run for longer than a mile or 2.  We also hadn’t ridden bikes since we were teens.

Nelson in his first ever tri, he might look happy to be there, but really he is just happy the swim is over.

My first ever tri, I might look happy to be there, but really I am just happy that I didn't drown on the swim.

Now in our thirties we had to learn it all from scratch.  It was going to be challenging, but we have never shied away from a challenge.  We have 3 boys and this is an opportunity to both stay healthy for them, and to show them how fun it can be to be athletic and eat right.  This blog documents my journey in fitness.

In January of 2010 we completed our first ever triathlon.  It was a short indoor event that most people used for training.  For me it was a real challenge.  I learned that I had a lot of work to do if I wanted to ever do this “for real.”  I barely survived the swim, and I got large blisters on both feet on the run, but despite all of that I felt an overwhelming joy (or maybe I was just happy to be done).  I am proud of being a triathlete, and I can’t wait for my next race!