I’m in the process of transitioning computers, so I haven’t been able to edit the video clips I got from Coach Al into bite sized pieces.  But I will do that over the coming weeks.

Today I tried some new techniques based on that video and Coach Al’s suggestions.  It involves making some pretty wholesale changes to how I move my arms.  I have to say, it feels quite awkward to change the way my arms move, even with only a few months of swim training under my belt.  I showed my wife the new technique, and she took to it quite well.  I, on the other hand, felt like a newly born giraffe.  All arms and joints.  The issue, I believe, is that my arms are moving too rapidly.  I specifically tried to slow them down.  Focus on the catch, focus on a slow and controlled pull.  We were circle swimming in the same lane with someone else.  She was swimming at a decent clip.  I gave her about a quarter length and started my slow controlled, drill-like stroke.   I focused only on moving my arms properly but slowly.  It was effortless and relaxed.  Pretty soon I felt my fingers hit the wall, well, I thought it was the wall.  It turns out that my “slow and controlled” was propelling me through the water more quickly than my old fast and messy.  I had caught up to her and hit her feet.

I was shocked, and the beauty is that it was totally effortless.  I wasn’t out of breath in the least.  This is the winning stroke for sure.  I just have to get out of this awkward learning stage so that I can focus on breathing which is my real nemesis.