I am working on “finalizing” my current training log. I am using a google spreadsheet based on a spreadsheet that has been around since the 90’s created by Alan Rube and David Hayes as a running log, converted to a triathlon log by Alan Rudson, and upgraded and converted to google spreadsheets by Ray Suarez.

I used it last year and have been updating and correcting it’s inner workings for the better part of the year. I added the ability to track time used for other work outs, and corrected some issues with things that didn’t work well because google spreadsheets lacked a scripting language when Ray Suarez made the conversion.

I have also added the ability to interactively input data which simplifies the process of inputting workout data substantially.

I am currently working on automating the spreadsheet setup for a new year (the process that I went through manually early this week) and once that is done I have a small checklist of other enhancements and testing to do before I release it into the wild. I want to review and create some new charts (I haven’t even looked at the current ones so I don’t know what they look like.)

Once that is ready, I will share it. I think it is a really great and useful tool, and I’m really happy to be coding away at it. Tons of work, but lots of fun.