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Mason Twist Madness

Today, just now… I did all 50 mason twists. All of them…without stopping. Seriously. That’s amazing to me. Not impressed? You try it. Pfft.

P90X Week Three

OK, so I have still been slacking on the tri-training, I’ll admit it. I planned to run twice a week, do spin and a swim on Sundays as well as the P90X regimen. Although I have been solid with the P90X, despite an insane work schedule, I just haven’t had it in me to do any other activities. Sunday is the only morning I have to sleep in a bit, and I just haven’t wanted to give that up. I’m thinking this week will be it. The running at work thing will have to wait until I’m not up to my eyeballs in work.

As far as P90X goes, I have been bringing it. Unfortunately, I brought it a little too hard last week I’m afraid. The combination of legs and back, and the kenpo conspired to cause me some knee pain. Not the stuff I had before, but a new pain just under and below my knee cap. I suspect I let my knee slip over my toes during some exercise. It isn’t terrible, but it certainly slowed me down on the Plyometrics. There were a number of moves that were just too much for my knee. It was hurting whenever I went up or down stairs, and it even hurt getting up from my chair at work. Again, nothing too painful, but it let me know if was there.

Last night I did the Yoga X DVD with a knee brace on. It helped, although I did feel a twinge or two on occasion. This morning I woke up and my knee feels great! Not sure if the Yoga or the sleep helped, but either way I feel back to normal. I’ll still wear the knee brace this week for legs and back and Kenpo, but then I think I’ll be back to business. I can’t believe week three is almost over, what a bummer. lol.

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