Rev 3 Tri – Volunteer Report

I’m not quite ready to swim 1.2 miles yet, but I am ready to volunteer for the Rev3 Triathlon at Quassy.

I started the day in the swim start area keeping non-racers off the beach.  It was cool being there and watching all of the nervous athletes.  I know what it’s like to have those pre-race jitters.  Mine involve fear of drowning, but still, I can relate.

As the racers went off wave by wave it was amazing to see all of those people stretched out in the lake.  Once the racers were off we got started on putting the starting area away.  All the metal fencing, and everything else had to be picked up.

From there I went to the swim transition area and helped hand out water aid the aid station.

A short walk through the now empty transition area and I was ready to watch the pros come back in on the bike.  I couldn’t believe how fast they were going.  They were at mile 30 before the last person was even out of the water.

I watched the guys come in with their ultra-smooth, and ultr-fast transitions, and run out like they didn’t have a care in the world.  Then the women did the same.

Then it was off to volunteer at the finish.

Last year when I volunteered it was terribly hot and humid.  This time the weather was perfect.

I was in charge of taking off the timing chips and spent all afternoon squatting down and pulling people’s chips.  It was amazing to see the mix of emotions for all of the athletes.

The pros ranged from indifferent to thrilled to downright pissed (DKT).  I was particularly impressed by Terenzo Bozzone.  When I took off his chip I said congratulations and great race.  He gave me a huge smile and shook my hand firmly.  He seemed to be a genuinely great guy.  I hadn’t really been rooting for anyone in particular, but I am now a big fan of his.

The women were great too.  Julie Dibens won this year after struggling last year, and Marinda Carfrae came in second.  They were both great, but Mirinda is still my favorite.

The rest of the time was spent welcoming in age groupers.  They were all great some were in tears just to have made it, others were furious because of their time.  Some gave it everything and needed assistance to get to the med tent, or just to walk to a shady spot to rest.  It’s cool to get to meet the pros, but it’s an incredible honor to help those other athletes who are there to prove to themselves that they can do anything.

I was move to tears so many times by so many people.  The man who ran over the finish hand in hand with his father, they were so excited that the hung and kissed each other at the finish line.  I could see the pride in the father’s eyes, and the love in the son’s.  It was amazing to share that, and to hope to be that father one day for my children.

The numerous parents who ran through the finish with their little children, all so proud of their parents.

The older athletes, in their 60’s and 70’s looking fresh after completing 70.3 miles.

And then everyone else who made it through to the finish, congrats to you all, it was a pleasure to meet each and every one of you.

Now it’s time for me to get serious about my training, I have some races to do, and my training has been a bit lax.

YMCA Triathlon race report preview

Last Sunday was the 2nd tri in the series for this year, it was a 550 yard swim, 10 mile bike, and 2.25 mile run.  I don’t have time for a full post yet, but did want to say briefly that I was really happy with my performance, and, more importantly, I loved my new Brooks running shoes, more to follow.

DC Rainmaker – Garmin 310XT Giveaway

DC Rainmaker is giving away a Garmin 310XT click here to get more details or to enter the drawing.

Swim Clinic Review Report

Last weekend I attended a swim clinic put on by Coach Al Lymon at the YMCA. He spoke for about an hour and then video taped us swimming. Last night I got the results of the swim analysis. Let’s just say I was not graceful. Ultimately, I came away with four things to work on, plus one other thing that I know is an issue.

  1. Keep the rotation down.  In the video it is clear that I am over rotating, or rolling as Coach Al says.  I am rolling to nearly 90° I need to rotate much less.
  2. Fix the Leg kicking
    1. I kick too much, but I already knew that.
    2. I don’t kick efficiently, but I already knew that too.
  3. My arm movement in the water, specifically my “catch” and my “pull” are a mess, I mean a real mess.
  4. I lift my head out of the water too much when I breath.
  5. Lastly, my own issue that he didn’t identify, perhaps because he was too overwhelmed with other issues, is that I need to do stop holding my breath under water.

So what am I going to do about it?  Well, for one I am going to pull snippets from the video and dedicated a post to each one pointing out the issues and what I plan to do to correct it.  I will bring my underwater camera with me and video tape the drills so that I can watch the results and tweak.   And in the words of the infamous Sarah Palin, I am going to drill baby drill.  (But not in the wilderness in Alaska).

Triathlon Training Log

I am working on “finalizing” my current training log. I am using a google spreadsheet based on a spreadsheet that has been around since the 90’s created by Alan Rube and David Hayes as a running log, converted to a triathlon log by Alan Rudson, and upgraded and converted to google spreadsheets by Ray Suarez.

I used it last year and have been updating and correcting it’s inner workings for the better part of the year. I added the ability to track time used for other work outs, and corrected some issues with things that didn’t work well because google spreadsheets lacked a scripting language when Ray Suarez made the conversion.

I have also added the ability to interactively input data which simplifies the process of inputting workout data substantially.

I am currently working on automating the spreadsheet setup for a new year (the process that I went through manually early this week) and once that is done I have a small checklist of other enhancements and testing to do before I release it into the wild. I want to review and create some new charts (I haven’t even looked at the current ones so I don’t know what they look like.)

Once that is ready, I will share it. I think it is a really great and useful tool, and I’m really happy to be coding away at it. Tons of work, but lots of fun.

P90X Week Three

OK, so I have still been slacking on the tri-training, I’ll admit it. I planned to run twice a week, do spin and a swim on Sundays as well as the P90X regimen. Although I have been solid with the P90X, despite an insane work schedule, I just haven’t had it in me to do any other activities. Sunday is the only morning I have to sleep in a bit, and I just haven’t wanted to give that up. I’m thinking this week will be it. The running at work thing will have to wait until I’m not up to my eyeballs in work.

As far as P90X goes, I have been bringing it. Unfortunately, I brought it a little too hard last week I’m afraid. The combination of legs and back, and the kenpo conspired to cause me some knee pain. Not the stuff I had before, but a new pain just under and below my knee cap. I suspect I let my knee slip over my toes during some exercise. It isn’t terrible, but it certainly slowed me down on the Plyometrics. There were a number of moves that were just too much for my knee. It was hurting whenever I went up or down stairs, and it even hurt getting up from my chair at work. Again, nothing too painful, but it let me know if was there.

Last night I did the Yoga X DVD with a knee brace on. It helped, although I did feel a twinge or two on occasion. This morning I woke up and my knee feels great! Not sure if the Yoga or the sleep helped, but either way I feel back to normal. I’ll still wear the knee brace this week for legs and back and Kenpo, but then I think I’ll be back to business. I can’t believe week three is almost over, what a bummer. lol.

Wow, a new level of respect

The Ironman Corp. has rescinded the Ironman Access program. I have to say, although I am quick to attack when unhappy with a decision, I am also quick to praise when a company does things right. Ironman reacted incredibly fast to the outpouring of disgust with the access program and they should be commended for it.

Their stated reasons for the Ironman Access program was very different than what I think many people including myself thought. They were trying to stop people from registering for slots and not taking them. I’m not sure the Access Program was the right answer, but it may have been. Still, there is a large opportunity for abuse, and I think that a number of people may be registering for the races and legitimately not making it because of injury or illness.

The bottom line, well done Ironman, well done.

You can hear the whole post here.

Ironman Access Program a.k.a. Show me the money

I recently read about the new Ironman Access program. It allows you to pay an annual fee of $1000 to cut to the front of the line and purchase your entry before the general masses. Adding $1000 to an entry fee that is already $575 amounts to lost access in my opinion.

This makes access for people that don’t have the extra money even less likely as spots are taken up by early entrants. In addition, people with means already have the Ironman Foundation Slots available to them. I can see no reason to do this other than to line the pockets of the Ironman group.

I could go on, but this blog post by Heather really says it much more articulately than I ever could, you can read it here.

Tomorrow is the big day

The Hartford Marathon is here. I run my first half marathon tomorrow. All this training just for that one day. My children will be what keeps me going, I won’t let them down.

This will be in my mind as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SbXgQqbOoU.

Incredible, makes my journey seem easy.

Now it’s time for bed. Wish me luck.

6 Miler

Did my 6 mile run last night. Wow I need to get a headlamp. It is getting dark earlier now and it was pitch black at times during last night’s run. I had to modify my route in the middle because I wasn’t going to do a second loop in such a dark area.

At any rate, I managed to finish the 6 miles with no knee pain. Either the brace or the exercises seem to be working. I’m not planning on figuring out which it is because I don’t dare run without the knee brace until after the half marathon next month.

Did I just say next month? Gulp! Tomorrow is a 9 miler and that will be the real test. If I can make the long run with no pain I will be thrilled.

Today I feel pretty good. My glutes are sore, which I think is a good thing. It shows that they are now “firing.” I guess?! My knees feel a little something today too. I wouldn’t say pain or soreness though. More like they are tired. Well, lets see what tomorrow brings.

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