Final Countdown

So the half mary is only a few days away and it is all question marks for me.

I tried a 3 mile run early last week, and it went poorly. My shins were hurting by the end of the first mile. Really painful! So what’s a guy to do? I have decided to rest. I am taking a complete work stoppage at this point. I have been focusing on stretching, including incorporating shin stretching, and my IT band PT. I bought and am wearing calf sleeves to help support my shins. I wear them every day during the day, and take them off at night. I am also taking Ibuprofen to reduce any inflammation. My goal is to just heal in time for race day.

As I approach race day I am also trying to stay positive. My shins are still pretty achy so I’m nervous about this race. My goal at this point is to finish it. Just cross the line before the time limit is up. I think I can do it…no, I know I can do it, but I’m still very nervous about this whole shin situation.

I am going to work through the pain, that is all I can do. So as the days close in on me, I will be putting out positive thoughts with the hope that they will make me successful.

I’m excited too. Excited to be taking part in the big dance.

I still plan on doing the 4 minute run/1 minute walk thing, but I know it will be tough to do with all of these people running me by. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

This weekend

I have a race this weekend. It is a full sprint. It is the last YMCA indoor triathlon. The swim will be in the pool, the biking will be on a spin bike, and the running will be outside. I’m looking forward to it, and the good news is that I am bound to PR it since it is my first sprint. Yay!!



I took the plunge and registered for the Hartford Half Marathon in October.  I know myself and I know if I don’t have a goal I won’t push myself.

I also got a friendly call from Reality, and was notified that trying to do a Half Marathon and a Marathon during my first year of running was a bad idea.  That said, I now have to put together a real training plan.  I have it worked out, but I still want to polish it up and merge it with my wife’s yet to be made plan.


I’ve decided to write down my goals so that I can keep myself honest.  Here is what I want to do over the coming years:


1/2 Marathon

Sprint triathlon


Full marathon

Olympic Distance Triathlon

Century Bike ride


Half Ironman Distance Race


Full ironman (Assuming the Mayans actually just ran out of paper rather then predicted the end of the world)

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