My training volume was really low this year.  I can’t really explain why, I’m guessing it was because I didn’t have a big race driving me.  I wasn’t really sure until pretty late that I was going to even do a triathlon.  Even then, I was so worried about the swim that was all I focused on.  That’s going to change in 2012.  I am planning on doing a ton more races next year, and I’m seriously going to focus on running.

My goals for 2012:

Major Goals: Lose 15 pounds before the Half Iron race, do the Litchfield Hills Olympic Triathlon, and the Hartford Marathon

Minor Goal: PR for my Half Marathon at the Iron Horse Half Marathon

Other than that I am going to work through some triathlons and I might do a 5K or so for good measure.

I am going to shoot for an injury free year, to that end I will do the following:

  • Daily stretching of my hamstrings, lower back, hip flexors, and glutes
    • Daily work on eyes closed balance, and strengthening and activating my glutes and legs

My training plan will include all triathlon sports, but will have an intensive focus on running.

The run training will have three phases:

  1. Phase 1: slowly increase volume with short (3-6 mile) runs while working on building more core and leg muscles
    1. All runs will be in zone 2 the whole time
    2. Work on form correction i.e., forefoot landing, high cadence, and good running posture
  2. Phase 2: Slowly increase volume and distance
    1. Continue in zone 2, add some race pace miles at the end of the longer runs
    2. Add some interval work 6-8 weeks before the half iron race
  3. Phase 3: Continue to increase the miles, less focus on heavy leg work, maintain focus on core
    1. Continue in zone 2, add continue adding race pace miles at the end of the longer runs
    2. Add some interval work 6-8 weeks before the Marathon

The goal here is multifaceted, I want to become more flexible and balanced, I want to get lighter to make me faster, more efficient, I want to increase my core strength so that my form does not break down, I want to slowly build my endurance while also doing some speed work, and finally, I want to correct issues with my form to increase my running efficiency and reduce impact on my joints.

I have already started working on stretching, and even in the week or so that I’ve been doing it I already notice a difference.

I’ll put some posts together on my progress for both form correction, and flexibility shortly, but these are my goals.  I think that by tackling my training on all of these fronts I can prevent a repeat of the injury plagued 2010 training season.  I now have a lot more miles in my legs, and I am going to slowly build up to those bigger distances.

My new training cycle starts right after the Hartford Marathon, it’ll be here before I know it.