This past weekend my wife and I did the half metric century ride put on by Cycling Concepts in Rocky Hill.  Including the one wrong turn we made, which added about 2 miles, we did about 40 miles of riding with 2700 feet of elevation change.  It was by far the hardest ride I have done to date.

There were so many hills.  I’m proud to say that I climbed them all.  No walking for me.  There was one hill that seemed nearly vertical.  I’m sure that looking back on it it was probably not as big as I remember, but I very nearly didn’t make it up.  It was so steep that I couldn’t get comfortable standing, so I just started swerving left and right and with about 10 feet to go and finally made it up.

It was a lot of fun to ride with my wife, who did really well herself btw, but it was a really tough go.

Having said that, I really really like my bike.  It just feel great on it.  I’m planning another couple long rides before the year is over, but none will be that tough.