OK, so this is my first “real” tri, so it makes sense to go ahead and set some goals.  I’ll have three staged goals, let’s see how they go.

Goal 1:

Just finish.  I mean, wow, I couldn’t swim not too long ago.  The idea of swimming 1/2 mile in the ocean is surreal.  Just crossing the finish line in one piece would be amazing.  So that is my first goal.

Aggressive Goal:

Swim: 20 Minutes

T1: 2 minutes

Bike:  40 Minutes

T2: 1.5 minutes

Run: 28 Minutes

Total: 1:31:30

It would be tough to meet that bike time, AND that run time all together.

Realistic goal:

Swim: 20 minutes

T1: 3 minutes

Bike: 50 minutes

T2: 1.5 minutes

Run: 31 Minutes

Total: 1:45:30

Lets see how it goes.