Yesterday officially opened the tri season with the Winding Trails Triathlon series preview.  Anyone could attend for free and try the bike/ride/ and swim of their choice.

We did the course for the tiny tri which is a 200 yard swim, a 5K trail ride, and a 1 mile trail run.  It was my first time on the trails with my mountain bike and holy cow what an adventure.  Everything was going great until the first steep descent.  I rode the brakes for the first few feet and then let it go.  I don’t what speed I got up to, but I do know that it was scary fast for me.  I tried to stop but started fishtailing.  I tapped the brakes once more and got more of the same.  I final got control by hitting front and rear brakes lightly at the same time, and gradually slowed to a crawl.  Whew.

My quads were still burning from my volunteer work at Rev3.  Taking the chips off of 1200 people really ads up to maybe 1000 squats, that made pounding up the hills really tough.  The big rings on my mountain bike weren’t shifting right so I had to grind it out with the middle gear and whatever I had in the back.  My legs burned so much that I couldn’t wait to be done.  I actually had to walk it up the crest of one hill.  Ouch.

The run was great, and the swim was good too.  The wetsuit really helps my confidence.  It’s like being a cork.  I even enjoyed it enough to notice a small trout at the bottom of the lake.

Lots of fun, I can’t wait until I can do a real one, maybe next week!