Well, I am one week into P90X. Although I played with the program before, this is the first time I have done the whole thing. Last year I tried just doing the strength training aspect without the cardio but the Tri-training got in the way. The one good thing is that I have a reference from which to base my fitness level.

Based on the couple of posts I managed to put up on my first attempt at P90X, this time around things are a bit easier. I can actually see a day when I will be able to do the entire ab workout, as opposed to the last time I tried this. The Yoga was a bit easier, the legs and back X is waaaay easier. I couldn’t even start to do the one legged wall squats before, this time I did them all the way through. It feels nice to be going into the program with a good level of fitness. I’m hoping this turns out great results on the other side, but we’ll see. I plan to post before and after photos…which…makes me nervous but hopefully keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Oh, one other benefit of my last few months of training, I know that my body can push through pain, so I can push myself more than I used to. Pain is proof! Proof of hard work; proof that the results are coming; proof that I’m alive and kicking.