So, the recovery break is over, and now it’s time to get busy once more. I am still not starting any running regime, I’m not ready for that yet. Yesterday, however, I started P90X in earnest.

The goal is to get fit and stronger over the off season. I will do the full P90X program, including the meal plan, and I will continue to do some limited tri training. I plan on doing spin and swim once a week, and I will run twice a week on the treadmill at work. I also plan on doing some lateral slide work to help with my IT band issues. More on that later.

Yesterday was Chest and Back X and I have to say, it hurt. Interestingly, the Ab Ripper X workout wasn’t as hard as I remember it being. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t do all of the reps for all of the exercises, but for the first time, I did do all the reps for some of them, and I did much better overall. It actually seems doable now which is not what I thought before. Seems like my core strength has improved through my running! Nice!

The hardest part of the program for me is the nutrition, I’m not very regimented on when to eat and what to eat. It’s going to take a week or two to figure it all out. But I’m looking forward to it.