No not me, my son!  He competed last weekend in the 5th Annual Kids Who Tri Succeed Triathlon.

He finished 2nd place in the 4-6 group.  He was the fastest 5 year old by 30 seconds and was just out of first by the same 30 seconds.

The race was a 20 yard “swim” a .8 mile bike and a 1/3 mile run.  I don’t have all of the splits, but he did a really great job on the bike and rocked the run.  He was the only person actually swimming, well at least for a little while, and rocked all of the transitions.

I couldn’t be more proud of his determination and focus.  The fact that he came in second is just icing on the cake.

Congratulations to all of the kids who competed at the triathlon, they were all great!