I had my first run in a long time last night.  I wanted to test out my knee.  I ran 1.75 miles and I ran it pretty hard, at least for me,  maybe I shouldn’t have, and I made it about a block from home before I started feeling tightness in my knee.

I ran at a sub 9:00/mile pace.   When I run with my heart rate monitor I average about 11:30’s or so if I stay in zone 2.  So I was running pretty hard.  I ran the entire way, and I still had a lot left in the tank.  That really surprised me because I did a walk jog thing the other day on the same path, and I was winded really quickly.  I thought that I had lost a ton of fitness, but I guess I must have just had an off day.

This run, although better than I have done in weeks, was discouraging.  I don’t understand what is happening with my knee.  This morning it looks a little puffy, but other than that it feels ok.  Sometimes it feels like I am never going to be able to run again.  I contemplated giving it up this morning.  It’s really discouraging.  I want to be back where I was before I was hurt.  I was so excited to be running, now it just sucks that I can’t.