I can’t believe that I did this last night.  I mean, I know this isn’t a big deal for most people.  But I actually swam an entire half mile without stopping yesterday!!!

Considering the fact that I did 9 laps in my first Tri in nearly 18 minutes (2 minutes/lap), 11 laps in my next tri in nearly 15 minutes (1:21/lap) I’m thrilled to have finished 18 laps last night in under 20 minutes (1:06/lap).

I have a new goal now, I want to finish the 1/2 mile in under 18 minutes (sub 1:00/lap) and I want to swim a mile straight!!!  I felt really strong the whole time, and I was able to slow down and catch my breath when I shot off too fast.  That’s huge!!  I also had an issue with my goggle (they leaked *shakes fist*) but was able to stop and tread water while I adjusted them!  That means I’m starting to get a bit more comfortable in the water.  I couldn’t be more excited about my progress.

I was just belly aching a few days ago about how stuck I was with all the swimming nonsense.  I actually was complaining to my wife about how frustrated I was with it all.  Now I am swimming really well.

If I had swum like this in the last triathlon I would have placed 27th in swimming out of 49 people.  That is four positions higher than I placed.  It wouldn’t have made a difference over all (mostly because I sucked on the run and bike for whatever reason).  I may even be ready to do something crazy like sign up for the Lake Waramaug sprint triathlon in June.

Wow, now that I am getting the swimming under control, what am I going to whine about?  I guess running is my new Achilles sport.  I hope my knee holds up this weekend.  Lets keep our fingers crossed.