So last night I came to a startling realization.  Swimming is my nemesis.  I know, sounds silly right?  But it’s not.   I feel like I make progress one day, and then fall apart the next.  In fact, at times it is even more bipolar than that.  I have a great length, then half way back to finish the lap I think, this is great I can go forever, but by the time I get back to the wall, I am out of gas.  Huh, what?  Where did that come from?

I know that this is a long journey, I keep telling myself it is a marathon and not a sprint, but come on, there has to be something going on here that is beyond swimming.  The pool is actively trying to mess with me.  Some days it pushes me along, feeding my ego, and the next day it steps on my chest with it’s watery foot.  So that’s where I stand, swimming hates me and wants me to fail.

Of course there’s nothing like a rivalry to get my juices flowing, so it it’s a fight the pool wants, it’s a fight that I will give it.  Mark my words, I will take you down pool.  I will swim endlessly, and you will see my power.  (OK is it gone now, gulp, omg I’m scared.)

I also ran last night, erm, that wasn’t much better.  My legs were stiff, and my shins started getting sore.  I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong to make my shins so sore.  I do enjoy running at night, but last night was a slogfest.