OK, I’m not sure the swim instructor got the memo that I DON”T KNOW HOW TO SWIM!!!

We started in the deep lap pool, it goes down to 9′ at the deep end.  We were supposed to do some warmup laps.  I did my best, and I didn’t drown, but I was really uncomfortable.  I struggled just to get to the other end of the pool.

We did a few drills during the session.  She had us use a kickboard to practice kicking.  I felt like I was kicking like a maniac but wasn’t getting anywhere.  My wife and sister-in-law were nearly up and back before I got to the other side of the pool.  My legs were burning and I was really really tired.

Next we did drills with a pull buoy just to work on the arms.  I felt completely lost.  I wasn’t discouraged though.  It was my first time in water over my head, and I didn’t drown.  Maybe next time will be better.